Kronian Society

The Blockchain Society

       Kronian Society


The community of Kronia will be formed by members and contributors. The real-world company (Kronian Corporation INC) will support the society’s future. The members of the society will be called “kronian citizens”. However, just owning our cryptocurrency will give you the status of citizen.

Besides the virtual and real ownership, the Kronian Society will create and distribute for our important members the Royal / Nobility titles. Being sustained by Hohenzollern House and Coci House (aristocratic families), we will initiate the nobility titles through the blockchain. It will comprise Knights, Barons, Counts, and Dukes titles (fem. – Knight, Baroness, Countess, Duchess). Most importantly, in the real world, the honorific titles maintain their availability. Per each title, the owner will receive a part of the property’s ownership from the Kronia Garden. Consequently, this will legit your aristocratic title in the real world as the Knight, Count, Duke … of Kronia of Transilvania. In short, Kronian Knight / Count of Transilvania.

The voting system is a “decision made” based on the majority (51%) in the Kronian Corporation and blockchain voting system. On the other hand, decisions made by the Dukes in the Kronian Society (during Kronian Congress) will need a minimum 3/4 (75%) to pass the vote.

In conclusion, the initial Society’s members will represent the shareholders of the corporation. Kronian Society will be self-sufficient and transparent in the blockchain (based on his smart-contracts) and in the real-world (legal corporation financial activity).