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       Kronian Society – Nobility titles


The nobility titles will be linked to a piece of land in Kronia Garden (with or without a walnut, depending on the title). However, we will also keep the records of titles in a registry (the name, the title and the linked place).

Consequently, the nobility titles will be organized as follows:

Knight titles get a commemorative inscription in Kronia Garden and a printed certificate of the title – 1 Kronian box to be acquired;

Count titles, in addition to the knight titles, receive a space in the Kronian Garden – 12 Kronian boxes to be acquired;

-An executive committee of 12 people elected for 2 years will also be appointed. The executive role does not mean managing the whole project alone. Each important decision will be submitted to the votes of the co-shareholders (Knights).


Kronia nobility titles


We consider the Knights one of the most important nobility titles we can issue. The Knights were always the base of society. With their support and knowledge, they were always the pioneers of the progress. The Knight nobility title will cost you just 120 euro by acquiring one Kronian Pack. Included in price the nobility title certificate and Kronian Society membership card.

The Barons are those noble persons which they possess an important piece of land. More important their contribution, the more successful the society was. The Baron nobility title will be promoted from the Knights after years of contribution to Kronian Society.

The Counts titles were closely associated with famous, high-status individuals. An elite titles as Count of Monte Cristo or Count Dracula. You can reserve your place in the Counts Garden. The Count nobility title cost 1.440 euro by acquiring 12 Kronian Boxes.