Kronian Corporation

       Kronian Corporation INC.

Business Plan


As a result of our crowdfunding via blockchain, we will create together the start-up “Kronian Corporation INC”. The newborn company will have legal registration for all the funds raised and proceed as a legal corporation (shareholders – the owners of the Kronian tokens).

A very detailed business plan will be delivered on request.

To share the decisional power, we will use the tokens as ICO or STO, depending on current legislation (occurring during the creation of the project) and a voting system. The budget for completing the project stages will be crowdfunded through the DLT system (tokens or cryptocurrency). In the future real-world corporation (the fingerprint in the real world of our blockchain society), the number of tokens you will have, it will represent the number of shares from the INC. company. We will be able to separate the blockchain tokens ownership and shares of the company ownership, later. Therefore, the transactions will be legit by the smart contracts and being able to buy shares using just our own tokens.

In conclusion, the Society from the Blockchain can increase unlimited, just depending on the tokens you own. On the other hand, the ownership of the Kronian tokens will give you the voting right in the Society. During Kronia Garden development, the income of the Corporation will grow, as the financial situation grows. Likewise, the value of the tokens will increase.

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