Kronian Corporation

The Blockchain Society

       Kronian Corporation INC.

As a result of our crowdfunding via blockchain, we will create together the start-up “Kronian Corporation INC”. The newborn company will have legal registration for all the funds raised and proceed as a legal corporation (shareholders – the owners of the Kronian tokens).


Business Plan


Step no.1 – Purchase of the Land

– min. 3 acres (1,2 hectares) = acknowledged by Kronian Society as project major investor and project manager

Step no.2 – Kronian Garden = € 1.200.000

– fees (Notary, Architect, Lawers, paperwork, the creation of Kronian Corporation INC.);
– building the walls of the citadel, part of the fortified castle;
– networking (water, electricity, internet);
– building the Kronian Castle, as per architect proposal project;
– auxiliary costs (campaign costs, marketing budget, other fees like Urbanism or Site fees);
– creating the online platform in Blockchain for shareholders;
– inside and outside of the citadel we will create a beautiful orchard and small gardens meant to enjoy the times spent on the property and to increase the shareholder’s income. The proposal is the walnut and hazelnut orchard. In case we decide to expand the property, every shareholder would have their say by voting platform.


Step no.3 – Kronian Design = € 300.000

– interior design for the Kronian Castle (paintings, sculpture, plastering, and decorations)

Step no.4 – Kronian Genetics Headquarter (research laboratories, genetics, and A.I. tools) = € 3.500.000

– partnership with Google Artificial Intelligence – Deep Variant;
– creating our own AI deep learning engine;
– creating our own crypto-currency via blockchain technology;
– acquiring the endowments of genetics laboratories and Artificial Intelligence needs;

Step no.5 – Kronian Society

– starting to have profit from our investments, will create the opportunities to hire the best professionals in AI and Genetics domains and have positive results in our researches. We aim to strike the 500 years old humans life by editing our DNA or to release our super-potential as humans.


A very detailed business plan will be delivered on request.


To share the decisional power, we will use the tokens as ICO or STO, depending on current legislation (occurring during the creation of the project) and a voting system.

The Kronian Palace will, therefore, be 100% owned by the Kronian Corporation INC, created at the end of the fundraising campaign with all the shareholders. Kronian Society, which is carrying the project and will organize the daily management of the company, will hold 20% of the company. The remaining 80% will be owned by the co-shareholders.

As a reminder: € 120 given = 1 share = 1 vote, € 240 given = 2 shares = 2 votes, etc.


As for a classic INC, the responsibility is limited to the contribution you first made. So there is only a small risk. The liability of each shareholder is therefore limited and proportional to the amount invested (€ 120 shared as follow: € 12 for Kronian Genetics; € 12 for Membership in Kronian Society – 1 year plus 1 year free; € 96 the value of the initial investment/share in the Kronian Corporation INC).

In case of financial needs (any kind of works emergencies), another participation from the shareholders could eventually be asked through an opening of the capital that will allow each shareholder to acquire new shares of the INC. However, we want to regulate the sale of shares to avoid the arrival of a major shareholder and thus maintain the collective spirit of the project.

We see the castle and the project as an income and not as a charge. Our goals are therefore to create an economic activity anchored in its territory and amazing discoveries in human potential.

In conclusion, the Society from the Blockchain can increase unlimited, just depending on the tokens you own. On the other hand, the ownership of the Kronian tokens will give you the voting right in the Society. During Kronia Garden development, the income of the Corporation will grow, as the financial situation grows. Likewise, the value of the tokens will increase.