Kronia Garden

       Kronia – The Garden


Kronia Garden is a financial project for its peers and an organizational project for the system we create. The project will have structure and complexity but all under the transparency and fairness.

The Kronia Garden will include a significant orchard of walnuts and hazelnuts, a solar panels photovoltaic park and a small vineyard for our own label and production of wine, with marketing purposes.

More than that, in Stage 1 we will build the Kronian Palace and the Corporation offices. Here we will build the accommodation, laboratories, and other Corporate affiliates offices. Certainly, we will provide more details about stage 2 but for now, let’s stick with stage 1.

          Stage 1: 1,5 Million euro


1.1 Budget: #70.000 euro

1.1 Creating the blockchain platform, STO, and crowdfunding, Smart Contracts from moment 0 till present. Administrative costs of maintaining the society in blockchain and sustainability for the STO / ICO tokens. Our Corporate start-up with shares, establishing percentage ownership for the real world fingerprint of the blockchain society. Government taxes for the new created INC Company and STO emissions. Audit and legal costs. This will reflect the future actives and revenues/dividends for the moment when Corporation will become self-sufficient and generates profits. (Polymath, Stellar or Etherium). Initial marketing budget;

1.2 Budget #40.000 euro.

1.2 Aquisition of 4,8 hectares (12 acres agricultural land). The cost estimated between 7.000 euro and 20.000 euro per agricultural hectare as declared by national authorities in Europe. The price varies from a European country to another. Our initial proposal includes The landscape of Transilvania, Romania with many offers like 7.000 euro per hectare. Kronia remains open for better proposals with better conditions but under the European borders. The best decision will be taken if conditions are acknowledged. 

1.2 Budget: 4.8ha X 7.000 euro. We add the cost of the notary/legal for ownership acts in the budget.

1.3 Budget: #40.000 euro

1.3 Preparation of agricultural land for planting the tree farm. Buying and plant the trees. Building a forestry-fence mixed with a brick-fence for protection of investment from different dangers. Organize the land for the Kronian Palace area.

1.4 Budget: #100.000 euro

1.4 Become self-sufficient and auto sustainable by solar energy (10 kWh solar park). Provide underground water supply, CCTV security, and internet. Smart technology applied to agriculture (irrigation, harvest). Automatization of agricultural processes and tools (tractor, truck, auxiliaries). Recycling system to provide 100% recycling.

1.5 Budget: #200.000 euro

1.5 The marketing budget of the project included here. Sustainability costs, anniversary coins or branded items. Also, costs for our own wine labeled bottles for members and periodical meetings (annual).

1.6 Budget: #50.000 euro.

1.6 Corporation infrastructure, preparation for revenues and business market, expenses with new structure and management.

Depending on the crowdfunding and interest shown by potential members, the total budget of Stage 1 can be increased in direct connection with the money raised. We will implement faster the stage 2 if the budget for the first stage is reached successfully.

1.7 Budget: #50.000 euro.

1.7 Maintenance and security for first 4 years (10.000 euro per year / 2 full-time employees). We will use this budget for expenses until the orchard become a mature and constant growth. After the 5th year, the orchard should provide revenues and profits to self-sustain.

However, Kronia Garden needs 5 years time to provide revenues and dividends. Reinvesting 50% of the revenue resulted from Kronia Garden, we can finance Stage 2 starting with the 6th year.  The time needed for Kronia to provide you 100% Return of investment (ROI) is 8 years* (*regarding the investment project of 1 Million euro). After the 10th year, ROI will be around 20% yearly.

1.7 Budget: #950.000 euro.

1.7 Kronian Palace will be built to be the Citadel of our future city. Here, later, it will be created the laboratories for Artificial Intelligence and DNA researches. The Kronian Palace will be the headquarter of our Society. Architects will give a precise budget needed for a Palace with a fingerprint of 12X24 and 2 levels plus the High Tower with 12 meters high (6×6 sqm). Cost calculated for 1.000 euro per square meter (usually the market price of real estate) but, of course, we will stick to the budget we have available and the architect counsel).



          Kronia Garden Structure


– 0,8 hectares – available space for the future Kronian Palace and Kronian Society. Here it will build the solar park, and warehouse for agricultural purposes. It will include a small vineyard for producing our own wine and for funding small projects in the future.  After that, in stage 2, in the Kronian Palace we will create a laboratory for genetics and AI researches and offices able to provide space for the functionality of our City – Corporation;

– 2 hectare: hazelnut orchard which will make the project to produce income faster (starting with the 4th year). As for walnuts, the waiting time is over 8 years to reach the maturity of production. The area will create faster profits than walnut orchard but is not related to the nobility titles.

– 2 hectares – walnut orchard which includes the land offered for nobility titles registration. Walnuts are awesome trees that will give majesty for your title and longevity to your investment. The nobility titles issue will be limited by the availability of the space into the walnut orchard land. 

KRONIA GARDEN – Structure addition

In conclusion, we consider a fluctuation in size of the Garden if the costs of the land will increase or successful crowdfunding will increase our budget. The hazelnut orchard surface will be the one to fluctuate in Kronia Garden, depending on the variables. (approx. cost per extra hectare of hazelnut – 12.000 / 15.000 euro).

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