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“Kronia” is a community project through blockchain technology, with its own cryptocurrency and a trusted authority through smart-contracts. Moreover, an ideological trend for people who really believe in a wealthy evolution of humanity in perfect symbiosis with nature. We will bring together people to achieve progress and evolution through Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Certainly, our boost engine will be the Artificial Intelligence deep learning in Genetics and DNA researches for maximizing the human potential. We aim to extend the human life expectancy with many, many years and to cure diseases by editing and improving our DNA code. Human scientists and Artificial Intelligence will work together to achieve our objectives.

As the innovators of the system and the creators of progress, all of us will represent the new high class, the new high society of the Earth. Therefore, Kronian Society will issue nobility titles for its members due to their support. In other words, you can become a knight or a count of Transilvania with the real-world recognition certificate. It will not be just a pompous title but a reward of contributing to the progress, being a part of Kronia Project. 

Just imagine if people like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mahatma Gandhi, James Watson or yourself will live for a few hundred years more, at least! Where do you think Humanity will be now?

We must become an example for the rest of the world. 


We are Kronia!


Definitely, all of us are tired of the corrupt governments and unnecessary wars, tired of the unfair decisions, destruction, negativism, greedy and lazy leaders. We are afraid for our rights and for the future of the planet. This new technology, DLT / blockchain, succeed to put together people like us and through a strong network, to create our society. In addition, it provides a fair system full of transparency and complexity (peer to peer connection and rights).

In the near future, we will contact other intelligent forms of life in the universe. Unfortunately, we will be able to speak only about our “virus mindset” that we have regarding our planet. Furthermore, we will be able to speak about wars with the purpose of owning some rare stones or rare metals. Sadly but true.

Kronian Society will be a road-opener for a new way of thinking about humanity. We will increase the human evolution in the next few years, thousands of times more than we ever know. Likewise, we sustain the wealth of all humans not only a few.

The money raised will develop the Kronia Project from the Garden Stage to an awesome headquarter of our high-society, Kronian Palace. The project will be completed when Kronia becomes the first real free City in the world created and consolidated by the DLT technology.


       Kronia – Inspiration


Kronia was usually regarded as a celebration of the harvest but a celebration of equity and fairness, as well. It was the festival held in honor of Kronos, the Titans leader and the patron of the harvest, as a result of his association with the virtuous GoldenAge.

Cronus / Kronos (in Greek mythology) was the son of Gaia (The Earth) and Uranus (The Sky). He was known as the father of Zeus (King of the gods of Mount Olympus). As a deity of agricultural bounty, Kronos or Saturn (for Roman Empire) embodied prosperity and wealth in general.

The poet Virgil describes it: “in such perfect peace, he ruled the nations”. The poet Justinus: “is said to have been a man of such extraordinary justice, that nobody was a slave in his reign or had any private property, but all things were common to all, and undivided, as one estate for the use of everyone.” 

The Kronia (Saturnalia, for ancient Rome) was a time for social restraints to be temporarily forgotten. 


       Kronia – Motivation


As we all know, the actual real-world society is a selective and manipulated society. Under the rule of corrupted governments, the humans are treated as batteries of the system and not as the beneficiary of it. In addition, a bunch of people controls the destiny of all humanity taking unfair decisions and being subjective. Unfortunately, they ignore the major issues of humankind. Instead, they are searching for self-benefits only, continuously it’s increasing control, breaking privacy and rights. As a result, we lose the equal chances to a great future. The rich become richer, the poor, poorer.

Destruction of nature, large-scale wars, poverty, inequality (income and discrimination), Governments transparency (corruption), lack of education, lack of food and water. These problems should be solved. But our governments fill our lives with taxes and limited privacy instead of focusing on the problems that really matter. Our future in wealth!


How Kronia is solving the problems?


Kronia will provide equity and liberty to its members through its own cryptocurrency or security tokens. As a result, it will have its own self-sufficient economy and soon enough, its own rules and policy. The project from blockchain will have his fingerprint in the real world as well. It will be created a share-holders corporation with full recognition from governments and other fellows. 

We create this autonomous city with the hope that others will create their own, until we become together, an empire of freedom. The free Earth Empire. Free from pollution (only green energy), free from waste (100% recycle), free from corruption, free from censor and control of third parties, free from unfair and inequity that is very present in the real world.

The Earth needs the connection of humans with nature and not with the money and sacrifices. Humans need freedom and transparency. Free to research our true human potential and how to contribute to the Univers, where for sure, in the future, we will discover other Intelligent forms of life.


          Kronia – The project stages


Stage 1. Kronia Garden


The Garden will be the source of real income for the future corporation and its blockchain members. In just a few years, the significant orchard of walnut and hazelnut will provide financial self-sufficiency for the next 100 years to our Kronian Society. Furthermore, proved by the smart contracts from blockchain, a registry of records will be held.

More about the Garden you will find here.

Because the Kronian Society will represent an important issuer of nobility titles, the Kronian Palace will be built to host all Kronian offices, laboratories, and Kronian headquarter.


Stage 2. Kronia Artificial Intelligence Genetics Research (K.A.I.GxR.)


During this stage, we will develop research laboratories whom will study: Artificial Intelligence; DNA and benefits of the genetics researches – immortality or at least how to live for more hundred of years; Education, and educational innovative projects. However, we will accept other projects that contribute to the wealth of Kronian Society members (proposal: ICO crowdfunding).


Stage 3. Kronia – The City of Earth


This is a very futuristic plan, more like a dream for now. During this stage, it will need an extraordinary amount of time and patience to change mentalities. In addition, we will be able to replace successfully the actual political system and its misleads with a new way of leading by a partnership. Maybe we will not live to see this, but the next generations for sure will. However, our studies in genetics might reveal how we live for longer periods that we know.

To sum up, the virtual and the real are yet, very different concepts and we should fulfill both. As the blockchain technology is still in his initial phases, we will focus for the time being, on stage 1 and 2.


       What Kronia offers?


-be part of a great community (blockchain and real-world society);

-shareholder opportunity (good investment opportunity with great profits and return of investment and legal status by shares in the Kronian Corporation);

-honorific status by nobility titles. We aim to become the most important issuer of aristocratic titles connected between DLT and the real world);

-be part of the project where everyone shares the same ideology;

-voting / decisional rights through DLT (blockchain platform);

-transparency and security with Smart-contracts of DLT;

-freedom of choices;


“We don’t sell dreams, virtual assets or fake society. Actually, you receive a business opportunity proved by a business plan with revenues. An investment, and more, a family – Kronian Society.” Mario Coci


       Kronia – Goals


Kronia festival is associated with freedom, free speech, and revelry. The poets called it “the best of days”. Similarly, the same spirit is boosting the DLT technology and our project. Definitely, it is meant to offer equity and the new Golden Age to its peers.

Kronia Project represents the same ideology of “one estate for the use of everyone”. Moreover, even the initial income is based on agriculture activities. A significant orchard and use of what Earth naturally gives us for free (energy and self-sufficient lifestyle). On the other hand, during the Kronia project, we develop the Kronian Society, a blockchain society of transparency and a family. Our family!

We don’t intend to create those “perfect” societies and not even those virtual reality cities. Kronia will be a legal corporation with revenues and, at the same time, the NGO who fights for human rights and Earth protection. We will promote good and wealth alike, above all, showing to the world how to live in balance with nature and with the others.

In conclusion, the first free City of the Earth it will be more than the Venus Project or Illuminati Society. We don’t want to rule the world, we just want to improve it. 



       Kronia Project – Conclusions


Why Palace and nobility titles? The internet and the blockchain technology evolved the human way of living in the last 20 years more than ever. If the world should have kings, dukes or counts, we should be the ones. As promoters of human evolution and pioneers of progress through technology, we are the new high class.

The society from the Blockchain can increase in large-scale, just depending on the tokens you own. On the other hand, the ownership of the Kronian tokens will give you the voting right in the society. During Kronia Garden development, the income will grow, as the financial situation grows. Likewise, the value of your tokens will increase.

Please, feel free to contact us for more opportunities! 

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