“Are we getting nasty?!” Prolog

“Are we getting nasty?!” Prolog

Are we getting nasty?! c0

"Are we getting nasty?!" Prolog

Hello everyone!

       It’s me, Mak. These days I decided to start this short sexy story/blog about my “rich” experiences behind the bar, as bartender/mixologist. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe I like to share some of these crazy and sexy memories with people I love. However, trust me, you need to read them. It’s from the moments when situations are getting nasty, in a sexy and very positive way (most of them have sexual content). I am not a Casanova, far from it. But also, it happened too many times to not put them in writing.

       So, if you are a shy or closed mind, please, stay out of it. The blog is about moments when things are getting nasty. Also, if you have similar short stories I am more than willing to publish them here.

A bit about myself

       Of course, Mak is just a nickname. The blog doesn’t have the kind of stories you want your “mum" to read about yourself. You will see it! I am a very positive person, full of luck in general but more in getting involved in all these sex stories. Lucky in getting opportunities, chances, whatever. It was starting back in 1987 when I was lucky to be born. I love my life so it was indeed my luck.

       With a great sense of humor, I put a drop of sarcasm sometimes and a lot of pragmatism, all the other times. I do most of the time the good things and make kind choices because I know everything I do, I will receive back multiplied. My karma is very strong. Especially when I do the bad ones (devilish laughs). At the same time, when someone thinks bad of me, something bad happens to them. Of course, bitting the tongue, hitting an elbow, not dangerous stuff but yeah! Be careful while judging me.

       I started my experience behind the bar abroad as I am originally from Transilvania, Romania. I don’t drink blood, no worry. At least till now. You are safe as I love alcohol. And I just sharped my vampire teeth for some steak (sarcastic laughs). I began to work in Italy and I continued with Ireland and Malta. I traveled a bit around the world and I end up working behind the bars. What can I say, my destiny? The truth is I like this job. I love it. I love the social part of the bar job and I really like to get you tipsy. Not drunk, just tipsy. To kill your inhibitions, to bring at the surface the real you. The one with no fears. Just the positivity.

Life goes on!

       Enough about me. Becomes a boring text. However, what happened to me yesterday, makes me start this blog. It was an awesome sexual experience, full of surprises. I will describe it in detail in Chapter 1. After chapter 1, I have more from the past and definitely more from the future.

Please, enjoy it! Chapter 1 is waiting for you!

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