“Are we getting nasty?! Chapter 1

“Are we getting nasty?! Chapter 1

Are we getting nasty?! C1

Are we getting nasty?! Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – How many times this was the story of my life??

       My perception about the quality of the customers in the hospitality industry is going down, regarding the respect and level of education in general. If a few years ago, was a pleasure to smile to everyone, nowadays everybody thinks they own you and they are your main priority. No matter other clients or your personal priorities. A lot of customers show disrespect towards hospitality's staff and other clients but still … they pretend respect and priority. Like small kings … without kingdoms (sarcastic smiles). So, today I had one of those days. Yeah! Some stupid clients who succeed to make you a bad day. “I don’t like this", “I wait too long", “I want more of this". They brought all their personal frustration towards me as it was my duty to fulfill. But luckily, those moments are short and these clients are few. So, here I am looking forward to finishing my shift. I had just one client left. A beautiful girl sipping her cocktail by the bar and the day is over.

       She looks bored staying alone but I wasn’t really in my friendly mood. Still, she was trying to be polite and starts a conversation:

C: “Hey stranger, how is it working for this place?"

Me: “Well, I’ve been in here for almost 4 years now. I worked in more dynamic places. This is more of a coffee shop than a pub. Indeed, the design of the place wants to induce you as being a pub. However, it’s something between a lounge, bistro, and coffee shop. I get the same confusion at the beginning. But I am doing more cappuccinos than cocktails."

C: “I am also working behind the bar in my home. I saw you have experience in the bar work."

Me: “How come?"

C: “It’s how you play with the glasses in your hands."

Me: “Got me!" and I finally smile at her.

       I usually flip the glass since I take it from the shelf till I arrange it in the position of starting the drink or filling with ice and whatever needs to be put in. Doesn’t matter that much but she had my attention. Fuck the stupids I had before. She seems nice and is the last client. Let’s see what we have in here, now!

Me: “What brings you in here?"

C: “In this bar or in Malta?"

Me: “Both"

C: “Well, I am here with some friends for a Hen party. One of our best friends is getting married. So, we both 6 tickets for Malta and now we spend a week here. In the bar, I am alone because my friends are lazy and tired. Nobody wanted to go out and I didn’t feel like finishing the night yet."

Me: “Fair enough. I am Mak, by the way."

C: “I am Claudia"

“My parents told me angels aren't real. I used to believe them, but then I saw you."

       “I will not provide the real name as I want to protect the privacy of the actors in my stories. And the name is just a name. Important is the person and how I see them. Claudia was sweet … and alone (devilish smiling).

Me: “I think you need someone to make your night a bit longer! Maybe a night swim?!"

Claudia: “It will be great a swim. I don’t feel to sleep so early."

Me: “Early? It’s almost midnight. Bytheway, I will finish my shift in about half-hour. Not far from here it's a discreet beach that you would not find by yourself."

Claudia: “Well, it sounds like I find my guide for the night."

       I should admit, she has charm and she is brave. Open minded as well. She gets my interest.

Claudia: “So, in the half-hour, we can go for a swim?"

Me: “I would love to but I don’t have my swimming suit while I am at work. We can do this only if you want … without."

Claudia: “Without a swimming suit?" and she starts laughing.

       I have a bit of courage for these nasty proposals. I am aware that it's nothing to lose, anyway. Reject is reject but what if she says yes? Never be afraid to ask!

Claudia: “No problem for me, either."

       Yeah right, I say it in my mind. But as I said, no matter the answer, just try.

Me: “You are willing to wait for me extra 20 minutes?"

Claudia: “I need to pass to the hotel as I promise one of my friends to take her with me."

Me: “Hmm, sounds like a threesome swim."

“She learned to say things with her eyes that others waste time putting into words."

       I smile but inside of me, my heart was something like … “whaaat?!" I told you that because of this story, in particular, I start writing the blog.

       Well, it might be my lucky night. Swimming naked with some gorgeous ladies unknown to me one hour ago. can't be wrong. She might mock me but, hell yeah! What if it's for real?!

Claudia: “I will go now to come back in time. Where should we meet?"

Me: “It is a small beach 5 minutes away from here. At this time should be nobody there as it is a bit cold. Take my Instagram profile and write to me in there. At 00.30 I should be out from here. I will wait for you in front of the pub."

       We made the Instagram exchange and she left. I lost some minutes watching her pictures, including some from the “hen holiday” in here. She was hot. It is actually! I think again that she is just mocking me about swimming naked. I am not exactly a great looking dude. However, it is true some people receive what they want very easily. It’s a small percentage in the world, like 2 or 3 % with strong pheromones that make “things easy". Proved by researches. I am one of them. Lucky, no? It happened to me similar crazy things before but this sounds promising.

       I stop the social media moment to finish in time and around 12.40 I was closing the shutter of the Lounge. I wrote her a message:

“Me: Hy Claudia, I am done here and looking forward to meeting you.” The answer came pretty fast.

“Claudia: I and my friend will be there a bit late. Maybe 15 minutes more?! You know how the girls are. Need a bit more time”

       It happens sometimes to get tricked by other people but losing 15 minutes for the opportunity with Claudia wasn't that bad. I could wait all night for her. She is gorgeous. 

“Me: Ok. I will wait!”

“I always have many roads to travel, but I take the one which leads to you."

       She was there after 20 minutes. Not much for the kind of patient person I am. The night swim was a good idea. Her friend was looking even better than her. Sorry about it but was true. Claudia has a pretty face, blond hair, a bit curly. The body is sexy, a bit slim. Not too slim but enough to notice she hits the gym often. I can swear that she has squares on her belly. I don't!

       I analyse he fast. My eyes stuck at her medium size boobs. “She is hot, I confirm myself in mind. I think I got lucky tonight!”

Claudia: “She is my friend Helen."

       Well, my friends, Helen is a hottie. More than Claudia. They look like going to the gym together but Helen is the one that Nature find herself very, very generous. She has also, dark hair with blue eyes. I think it is “rare-ish”. Sexy body, shapes that drives you crazy. And very beautiful face. The kind of girls that make a gentleman to whistle.

Me: “Very pleased to meet you, Helen!"

H: “Pleasure is mine!"

       Ahh, Helen, Helen. You stole my heart for tonight. It is good to have these bored girls in a place where I can guide them. So, I was here for a night swim or not?!

Me: “Ladies, shall we go to the beach?"

Claudia: “Aren’t we here for this?"

       C starts to smile seductively to me. Helen didn’t look that interested in me but she wants more than sleeping with her “Hen mates" for tonight. Such a pity because the brunette is one of the most beautiful girls I ever saw and … I am going with them for a beach walk. Or a naked swim, which I don't think it will happen, but … let's see. It was nice to swim but no swimming suit. And definitely these hotties will not swim naked just because I would.

Me: “Did you take your swimming suit?"

Helen: “Ups! No, but we are not shy! We will swim without."

Claudia: “We agreed to go for a naked swim, right?"

Me: “Of course!"

       My mind is full of confusion. Never trust a girl who looks like she's playing. Why on Earth she will show her naked body to some bartender she met 2 hours ago. To not speak about Helen. Well, that’s a girl everyone will cut a hand to see her naked. And I am promised to receive it just like that? “For sure they are playing with me” I am saying to myself. We will see how.

       After 5 minutes walk, we reach a small hill made of sand and grass. The wind blows in winter times and covers the 5 meters hill with sand, like an extension to the beach. Not everyone who passes near realizes that behind this mess with grass and golden sand it’s a short and discreet beach. It’s a bit chilly tonight so definitely it will be empty.

       I was right. Dark and empty. Moon wasn’t helping too much with the light. Just what you can see near you and the white foam from the small waves crushing the shore. Zen's situation, I would say.

Me: “Well, it’s a bit cold but the water definitely it’s warmer."

Claudia: “Let’s see."

“If you stood in front of a mirror holding 3 roses; you will see 4 of the most beautiful things in this word."

       Claudia starts to take off the Top and remains in a sexy black bra. Helen looks shyer now waiting for Claudia to make the first moves. I am taking off my Tshirt but I decided to do everything a bit slower. “To not be too naked when they will start to laugh of me being naive”, I am saying to myself. Helen top is off now and her red bra shows very generous boobs. Not huge but … big. I realize that I should focus on Claudia even Helen is more tempting. In the end was Claudia's idea and for sure the night ends if she feels becoming the “3rd wheel". In the meantime, Claudia removes the short pants and I see that the night is getting serious. We will swim, indeed. Probably in “intimate lingerie”. I try to win some time unlocking slowly as possible my belt. I still believed that the girls can mock me for being naive. Helen removes her long pants and the panties look hot on her. The kind of one is not covering anything. No hair, nowhere, exactly how I like. I should focus more on Claudia, I say to myself again. It's a must.

       I didn’t finish my thoughts and I see the bra from Claudia flying away near her other clothes in the sand. No regrets for sure for such view. Round boobs, round small nipples. Perfectly firms. Wait, whaaattt? This girl is for real? Are we really doing this? My adrenaline start to pump. I start to feel the “bpm" of my heartbeats. I like this rithm. In a more unbelieveble action, Helen removes her bra as well. Ai, ai, ai. At that very moment, I realized that this is the top of my memory for the rest of my life. Robust boobs, hotter than Claudia but I should admit, Claudia is sexier. The dark doesn't help that much to make a better opinion. But in the end, both girls are topless infront of me. Me!

       No longer than a few hours ago I was crazy mad by a frustrated client and now, exactly now, the memory of my life is happening. Karma does really exist. Or to be more accurate, the bartender is an awesome job, my friends. The nightlife bartender even more. 

       I am still winning time unlocking my belt. I think topless is what I get tonight so, no problem if I swim in panties. It will dry till home. But these girls are my angels now, and I am in Heaven. Give a fresh look to the girls. Both beautiful, hot and nasty. I feel horny, to be honest. Seems just a movie but this reality beats everything. I am watching Claudia. Claudia is watching me and Helen. With no doubts she start to remove her panties. She rolls them like a sexy cowboy and throws in my direction. She starts to run toward the sea. I see just her nasty ass joggling into the dark. The foam's light shows just her silhouette in the night. Helen looks like she could stop at the panties level but “what the hell, “she can do it”. In the next few seconds, Helen is naked too and runs after her friend. Really? It’s for real?! I believed in the option of a prank till the last moment. But now, seeing these 2 gorgeous girls naked, makes me the lucky bastard. I must have done some very good stuff in my life to deserve that. Definitely, not something everyone had.

“I think I can die happy now, coz I've just seen a piece of heaven." 

       Wait! I realized I am still at the fucking belt, losing time and missing the naked girls from my sight. There is no need to wait now. Go, go, go! Run florist, run! Belt finally opens and I admit it. I never get undressed faster than this my entire life. Pants, panties, socks, and shoes goes like a spring under high pressure from up to down like me being in a naked poker game where I was glad to lose. Claudia arrive at the water, Helen is almost there but me, I start flying to catch my angels from behind. I can vow, I think I touched the water before Helen.

       The sea was a bit chilly but my testosterone will kill any flu right now. If you search for the medicine that cures anything, my hormones of that night were what you are looking for. I go slowly into the cold water. I can’t see Claudia naked as she squats in water till the neck. I go close to her and start a conversation:

Me: “It’s an awesome night to swim. I didn’t believe you girls will do it."

Claudia: “You thought we are shy?"

Me: “Well, we know each other very well by now … but I couldn’t say you are shy. At least the water is not that cold."

       It was very cold but how can I complain? These naked hotties could make me feel like in a hot jacuzzi. Both came near me as we hope to get warmer with our bodies. That was the moment when my “tonk” understood the answer to its question: “why the fuck am I staying in this cold water?” I could say that “he" even enjoys the moment.

       Claudia has velvety skin, properly taken in care in Heaven, probably. Helen is timider and she decided to go for some swimming exercise on her own but Claudia remains with me. I think she really likes me. “Yeah right?!” you would say. “Of course she likes me!

Me: “Would you like to come into my arms?" I am asking her. “It will be warmer."

       Claudia approves with a nod and comes closer with slow moves. Helen is still swimming but this doesn’t matter anymore. I received more than I could expect from Claudia. She is gently hanging her arms around my neck and I can smell the salt of her skin mixed with hers seductive perfume. Is chemistry around … more than it is in a chemistry labShe comes closer and kisses my lips. What can I say? Surprise, surprise! I answer to her kiss with a bit more passion and I feel her legs coming around me. I basically have her in my arms under the water. The cold lost the problem of low degrees. I didn’t feel anything, anymore, I didn’t care about it. My lips tremble a bit but it’s a mix between my enthusiasm and the cold. I just had an erection. I could have awesome sex right there inside the water at that very moment. In fact, one of my favorite places for having sex it is in the sea. Helen could join but Claudia was enough. I start to kiss her neck from the shoulder till the ear and continued with her lips. Her nipples were so hard that I could feel it pressing into my skin. Her boobs are soft but tough. I can’t resist to ignore them. I pull her a bit up from the sea, still holding her close. Someone said that touching and massaging the women boobs is the most relaxing activities and the most anti-stress. He knew it but I nail it. Stress level -100. The moment is too awesome to stop it. Thinking again of me a few minutes before, full of doubts about the girls and now, the story of my life laying down in front of my lips. Oh, Claudia, I will make you remember this night for the rest of your life.

Helen: “Guys, do you mind if we go all to our place. It’s a bit cold."

Claudia: “Not a bad idea at all. Also, you could join us. Here the water gets warmer."

Claudia was smiling but Helen should join from her own initiative. I think she was just her “wing-woman”. A very good one considering she showed her bootylicious body to a stranger for helping a friend.

Claudia: “Do you mind going with us to our hotel room?"

Me: “I don't mind at all!"

       Do I mind such a thing? … oh, no! definitely not! We decided to go to their room. My home is pretty far but the girls are living at the Hotel near my workplace. So, we took our clothes dirty with sand not losing time too much with the cleaning. The warmth was more important. We will have our shower at their hotel. Plus, they have a room together, so we get more privacy than at the beach.

Chapter 2

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