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Makopolis Nightlife - The Nightlife in Malta

“Makopolis" Nightlife in Malta starts officially in June 2020, after almost 3 years of prospecting, research, and planning how one “nightlife guide” can improve our experiences and contribute to our memories.

What to do? Where to go out? When?

A lot of questions about the nightlife experience will find answers here. Consider us a partner in your nightlife adventure and follow our website and social media pages.

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The Art of one night in Malta

Inside Makopolis you will find a very detailed map and a complete program for a “night-lifer". An updated calendar regarding nightlife events in Malta with starting hour, price, description, and coordinates of the place where events occur. Details about Malta’s nightlife venues (clubs, bars, casino, cinema, entertainment, etc.) that you should or must-visit while you are on holiday or just living in Malta. Insider reviews of the venues or events with photo gallery and recommendations. Nightlife blog, vlog, and promoting the “artists" involved in the nightlife community for all of you interested to become a “nightlife guru". In addition, soon enough you will be able to buy online tickets directly from the event page for fast engagement and a very easy way to go in.

Nightlife Insider Blog

The nightlife blog is an “insider storyteller" who offers nightlife analysis from “behind the stage" (bartenders, DJ, etc) and will share to our readers the pluses and minuses of different nightlife venues or events. That’s why we use the expression “nightlife insiders" for the blog. We consider that the most objective opinion you will receive from an “inside" person.

Finally, you have the option to know about the places directly from the people who work or worked recently in the venues (please read carefully Terms and Conditions). Our community reviews will describe internal politics; tips about special offers or particular products that you should not miss; the level of cleaning/hygiene; also, personal opinions. However, if you are a bartender and you want to contribute, please send us an email and share your knowledge

Contribute to the Nightlife Community

 If you want to sustain this project, you can either buy us a beer by donating in here or spread the word about Makopolis Nightlife to your friends.

       If you are the owner of a great venue that needs to be mentioned in our guide or if you are the organizer of an important event that our followers must know, you can become our customer. Please email us to and we can set-up a meeting to have a chat about how we can improve your business.

       If you want to let us know how was the event you just attended and you are ready to write a review about it, please share with us (you can write in your native language and we will translated and publish in the blog if terms and conditions are respected).

Our life starts after the sunset and we are very careful about how we live. In the end, memories are the most important part of our life.

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