Makopolis Media

Makopolis Media

“Makopolis Media” Digital Marketing Agency

   We evaluate your brand’s needs and develop a powerful strategy that maximizes profits. Firstly, Makopolis team determine exactly who your ideal clients are, analyzing their needs. Moreover, we create your connection with them and spread your message.

   Therefore, we are a brand-development and lead generating engine that aims to improve efficiency and productivity, define your objectives and set measurable goals.

What we do:

-Blockchain Marketing, Whitepapers (with SEC rules about AML and TF) and ICO/STO marketing;

-Brand Management and Copywritting (creative content that allows to establish your brand authority);

-Social-Media Marketing (organic and paid advertising campaigns, creative posts addressed to your target-clients);

-Search Engine Marketing (“buyer-focused” WordPress Landing Page websites with implemented SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Above all, to provide the best possible organic search rankings and Pay-per-Click campaigns)

-Graphic design and audio-video content;

-Project Management with ROI (return of investment) & KPI’s (key performance indicators) analysis;

-Affiliate Marketing and CRM;

Do not forgot!!!

Certainly, your Brand is our passion. We give 101% in our relationships. Everything for your success story! Live your dreams! Spread your message with us!

Makopolis Media
Makopolis Media

We are working now at our greatest blockchain projectKronia Project. However, feel free to have a look, maybe you will be interested to be part of it!